In every picture lives a story.

Tell us your story, we will paint a beautiful penguin scene of it for you.

Joy of living, from the brush of a Finn.

Get something special from a small brand, just in time for christmas!

All our mugs are on sale, get yours from 10€/ piece! The offer is valid untill 24th of Deceber 2022, or untill we run out of mugs.

It´s true! You´ll get a new Finnish ceramic mug to your coffee setting or for Christmas at a nice price! (Normally 14€- 20€ / mug!)

Pikku Pingviinit (translates into Little Penguins,) are penguin characters, with all their original pieces painted by hand with acrylics.

Behind these sweet birds is a self- taugh- artist Terhi Lehtomäki, mom of 2 little ones from Tampere, Finland.

Penguins as birds and personalities have inspired us so much; they are loving, clumsy, easy going, thrilling and so cute! Everything that we aprecciate and our charactes have been since 2020.

To the store please! Ceramic mug Commission piece Throw blanket Postcard

As payment methods we accept Sepa- Finnish bank transfers,

credit cards, Visma pay (mobile pay etc), and PayPal.

Can you feel Christmas in your feathers?

Don´t you worry, we have you covered! Get yoursels a pack of christmas cards and mugs! Or the softest penguing blankets, they´ll keep your flappers warm.

Welcome to have a peek at our selection!

The blankets please! To The Christmas- category, ahoy! Mugs for gifts!

In October of 2022, together we raised 505€ for Pink Ribbon Finland, and their important work at cancer research. We send you our warmest thank you as we could join in, and help as a small brand.

“Laying on your tail for a moment makes the world look more beautiful.”

For the holidays!

We donate 5€!

Penguin Deals!

More Balloons!


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