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From adventures of life into a penguin painting.

Joy of living, from the brush of a Finn.

Pikku Pingviinit are penguin characters, that are originally the stars of our paintings!

Behind these cuddly characters, we have our artist Terhi Lehtomäki, a busy bird with two little ones from Tampere, Finland.

Ah, penguins; Straight forward thinking, slightly clumsy, persistent, and such caring birds in the real life. All this and more has been the true inspiration for our way to create art. Our first bird slid out from the brush in the year of 2020.

Read the stories behind our art pieces here.

Beginning of it all >

Where did this all start from? How did we dive deep into the fun and loving life of penguins? Click the picture and read more about our our history!

As payment methods we accept And Finnish bank transfers.

credit cards, Visma pay (mobile pay etc), and PayPal.

Charity and donating to a good cause is dear to our heart.
Together we raised 505€ to donate for Pink Ribbon Finland in October of 2022. We send you our warmest thank you as we could join in, and help as a small brand.

“Laying on your tail for a moment makes the world look more beautiful.”

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