Thankful of you


A lot of us have the privilege to travel around the sun for many many times. Unfortunately, not all of us will have so many laps to live. This is why the most important thing is, that you are here and I can be here with you right now. Unfortunately cancer touches almost all of our lives at some point in some way, and that is why even the smallest happy things, thoughts and actions are extremely important for patients, friends and relatives. This mugs theme is reflecting being grateful of the now and the little things. One can also be grateful of the great work community, delicious breakfast or a cool raindrop on your beak.

We are targeting to gather 2000€ donation from the sales of our Pink Ribbon- products, and our online store´s other products. We have created this wonderful Here for you- mug for out Pink Ribbon Finland- product, and we will donate 10€from the sale of this mug to Pink Ribbon Finland, to support the research of terminal cancers.

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