In August of a very strange year 2020 penguins were born on a board in a kitchen of Tampere, Finland. Our artist Terhi fell in love with these characters, and a few more artpieces were soon born. The very firsts penguin paintings were on view and sale on a kids flea market in Tampere. There were also other animals in paintings, such as a giraffe, a bunny, an elephant.. But these penguins caught the eye of people and flew off the shelfs! Commissions were something that people started asking for soon after this first “showing”.
From there started a journey based on life, being together and silly sitouations.

So in September of 2020 a small company called Pikku Pingviinit was officially born.

Pikku Pingviinit gives joy, love, and cute black-and-white- characters to homes, cabins, for families and to where ever you feel like it!

They are relatable, cute, round and standing out characters. Themes vary from everyday life, tantrums, warmth and happy coincidences. This is why they are loved by both younger and older audiences.

Now Pikku Pingviinit are a trademark in Finland, we have Facbook-, Instagram-, and TikTok, own pages and a international online store. This all is still just the beginning, as we have lots of fun plans for more things!

(As soon as I get the wet laungry to dry, feed the little ones and hey, was it my turn today to vacuum?)

A little introduction coming up!

Hi there, my name is Terhi Lehtomäki. I am a mom of 2 little ones from Tampere, Finland. I am a self-taught-artist and a part-time entreprenour through my Pikku Pingviinit- company. My goal is to become a full-time entreprenour a little later; to be able to create a job for me, and to others. To create a steady and fresh Finnish brand, and to change the working culture mode modern ans more creative.

Pikku Pingviinit- themes are mostly about love, friendships, doing things together and just experiencing life. Or just crazy events and coincidences, because they do happen too!  Every original theme has a sweet story behind them, and every viewer can have their own experience with their own eyes.

Because sometimes life is like riding a carousel with a cotton candy on your head. Always more fun in a good company!


The values of Pikku Pingviinit

Values that we cherich, are; Quality, working together, humour, love, and respecting the ones that have paved the path before us.

Pikku Pingviinit are open for many kind of projects. We also have some things that don´t belong in our penguins world. We want to respect others and keep Pikku Pingviinit neutral to certain things. We have plenty going on in here anyway!

Pikku Pingviinit do not touch certain themes in our pictures: politics, religions, world events, and other cultures than ours as Finnish creations.