Terhi was hatched in Jyväskylä, Finland in 1986. She was a very daring kid, and loved to climb trees. Couldn´t focus at school that much. Detention became almost daily in her first two years at school, and Terhi used to run through the forests to her home to cut time.

She graduated as a hairdresser back in 2007, from Mänttä. And she followed a fun boybird to Tampere on her day of graduation. In 15 years of time, she has created a home, a family and a nice quiet life to Tampere.

In the year 2020 when Terhi was at home with her toddler, one night when the little one was sleeping, she painted a cute group of penguins to a canvas board. They went with many other animal portraits to a local kid´s flea market, and quickly found their new homes.

Pikku Pingviinit est 2020

So in the year 2020 Pikku Pingviinit, a small business was born. Also an exitement to paint customer´s memories, feelings and happy accidents through our penguins.

Even though Terhi absolutely loves painting penguins, for now she also works at a day job, is dreaming of a Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration. Biggest dream of hers is to someday become a full-time entreprenour with our penguins.

The values of Pikku Pingviinit

Values that we cherich, are; Quality, working together, humour, love, and respecting the ones that have paved the path before us.

Pikku Pingviinit are open for many kind of projects. We also have some things that don´t belong in our penguins world. We want to respect others and keep Pikku Pingviinit neutral to certain things. We have plenty going on in here anyway!

Pikku Pingviinit do not touch certain themes in our pictures: politics, religions, world events, and other cultures than ours as Finnish creations.