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Welcome to our nest!

Hello there! My name is Terhi Lehtomäki. I am the painter, and mastermind behind Pikku Pingviinit. This all started almost as an accident. But a happy accident! I am an self-taught artist, and a mom of 2. I live with my family in Tampere, Finland.

My goal is to create new stories, art that touches hearts and connects people. And of course I am happy to connect with people around the globe, with audience and retailers. A big dream of mine is to become a full-time entreprenour; to create a job for myself and to others too. This is why I love what I now do, so I can keep dreaming and achieving, with a little help of my birds.

You are warmly welcome to our renewed pages and our store, as we have just launched our first ever posters! You can find them in Inch- and centimeter sized!

From the paintbucket,

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Posters with sweet phrases are here!

Posters with sweet penguin thoughts have arrived at the store! We have posters with phrases [...]

Gum- themed products are now at our store!

A strange box was found from the beach. There can only be a adventure when [...]

Pikku Pingviinit for retailers at Ankorstore!

Our penguin products are now availeble for retailers at Ankorstore!

Welcome to our totally transformed homepages!

Our nest has had a total re-build, and have you allready chacked out our fresh [...]

You are warmly welcome to follow us on our journey!

we are in Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok! At times you can find giveaways and discounts [...]

Our prizes will change from 1st of January 2022!

January 1st From 1st of January of 2022 our commission art piece prizes will rise [...]

New mugs coming up!

We have found a great place from Porvoo, Finland to print our mugs from November [...]

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