Pikku Pingviinit est 2020

In a peculiar year of 2020 a small company called Pikku Pingviinit was created. So was a a love for painting stories, real-life-oopsies and everyday life with penguin characters. We have a trademark in Finland.

And even tough our atist Terhi absolutely loves painting penguins, she also works full-time. Adding an extra fun will be starting to study marketing andd branding.

So the minimum time as an estimate for a commission piece to be done is 6 weeks. Why? Because the art pieces are being created during evenings and weekends. We will get things done in a calm matter!

What we believe in

Collaborations, love, hugs and that we all need a llittle more joy, fun and giggles in our lives. There are enough stress and worries in the world, so we want to create happiness and special moments on artpiece at a time.

That is why our themes do not represent the real world, events, religions or politics. We create a world of our own; where our friends and loved ones are truly cherished, lifted and rolled into a warm blanket for snuggles. And then we wobble together to the kitchen to make a warm cup of cocoa, my flappers are freezing!

You are welcome to enjoy the wonders of life!